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Fitness 101
Learn to exercise the right way. Quickly learn and perform the foundations of fitness in these express sessions.
Group Training
Hard work enjoys company. Take your training to the next level by pushing your limits with a group of like-minded individuals.
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Group and Personal Training
Share your time with an instructor to help identifypersonal weakness and individualize goals.

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Tuesday 1.25.2022

Health and Performance Front/Back Squat [6 sets] After each set, or as a cash out: 5 Rounds: Run PVC Hurdle

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Monday 1.24.2022

Health and Performance Conditioning Pull-ups Push-ups Burpee Pull-ups Power Snatch

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Friday 1.21.2022

** Deload Week ** Conditioning Every :90 for 5 rounds: Ski Rope Climb / Rope Tap Clean and Jerk Toes-to-bar / Knee Raises Rest

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