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Thursday 11.17.2022

Accessory 5 sets: 20 Death March Steps :30 / :30 Side Plank Conditioning 1:00 Machine (Working effort) 1:00 Machine (Recovery effort) x 15

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Wednesday 11.16.2022

Conditioning 5 Rounds, for time: 21 KB Swings 15 Burpees 9/9 KB Push Press Every 5:00, inc 0:00, 400m Run

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Tuesday 11.15.2022

Strength and Conditioning Every 3:00 Station 1: 7/5 Cal Bike Legs Only 14 Jumping/Walking Lunges 7 PVC Hurdles Station 2: 7 Back Squat (climbing) Station 3: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 V-sit Superman

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LIKE THIS POST IF YOU WORK HARD 💪 Man… to say we are proud of each and every one of our members is an understatement. No matter what limitations they have, Train Matthews members have worked hard to dedicate themselves to become greater, stronger, and healthier with every single new day they are given. Comment below who keeps you accountable to become GREATER ⬇️👇 ...

WHAT ARE YOU TRAINING FOR?! You will find everyone has a different personal goal they’re training for. Everything from running a marathon to complete their first box jump. Everyone is different and so is their health goals. SAVE THIS POST if you’re ready to start training! We’re now taking new clients for 2023! If you’re ready for coach-led classes to provide the results you’ve been fighting for - We’re ready for you. ...

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Happy Small Business Saturday! 🙌 As a local Matthews, NC gym and husband and wife team, we are honored for the opportunity to be a part of transforming lives through the power of fitness. Tag someone you’re proud of in their fitness journey! 💪 ...

Training for your LIFE starts here 💪 WITH the Train Matthews Gym team. We are the area’s premier fitness facility committed to helping shape your life through our fitness services, healthy living workshops, and support groups. Our professional staff will help you achieve your goals in a caring and supportive environment. What are you waiting for? SHARE this post and sign up today! ...

Hey fam, don't forget we will be closed on Thanksgiving Day! We'll only have a 9AM class on Friday morning to work off that extra pie 😜

Days leading up to Thanksgiving are normal class times. So as Alan Sr says: “JUST SHOW UP!”

Gobble Gobble!✌️

Tomorrow is BRING A FRIEND FRIDAY 💪🔥 Here is what you can expect to see and do tomorrow! SHARE this post with a friend that’s coming to work out with at Train Matthews gym! ...

Is this message for you?! 👉 “Your body will give you what you ask of it. If you don’t ask much, it won’t give you much.” — but do you know how to ask much from your body? Do you know the steps and the message to reach a healthy place in your life? If not, we’re here for you and we want you to DM us now to learn how to get started. 💪 ...

DID YOU HEAR?! 💥 Our very first "Bring a Friend Friday!" starts this week! We're opening our doors to you and a friend this Friday, Nov. 18th for all our classes! Now's your chance to get together with someone you haven't seen in forever or to pass the good vibes along to a pal. If you've ever been on the fence about trying Train Matthews, this is your opportunity! You don't even need a partner - we'll link you up with one of ours! DM us now for class times and information! ...

SAVE THIS POST IF YOURE READY TO START TRAINING FOR LASTING RESULTS! We’re now taking new clients for 2023 and you have a place here! If you’re ready for coach-led classes to provide the results you’ve been fighting for - We’re ready for you. ...

Cardio Party at Train Matthews - And you’re invited! 🎉 Want to learn more about cardio? Avoid cardio like the plague? Well maybe we can help! Here’s 3 crucial reasons to try out Train Matthews gym for your health 👇👇

1. Improves cardiovascular health - AKA your heart that needs to be strengthened. ❤️
2. Helps regulate blood sugar 🩸 This ties in to SO MANY health subjects but one of the greatest is weight loss.
3. We have a blast! Simple as that. Fitness can be fun! We also love and value people here. And you’re welcome to join us!

We’re right here in Matthews, NC! Send this to someone you know who would join a class with you! We’ll see you soon! 💪

Did you know to become a better athlete you need to focus on both power and strength? 🦾

Power cleans, snatches, overhead squats, and other Olympic lifts can help you dramatically improve your strength and fitness, as well as your speed, balance, coordination, and of course, internal health and healing as well. Follow us now if you learned something new! 🤯

When performed correctly, hang cleans can increase muscle strength and explosive power while improving your coordination. The athletic skills required for this exercise can have good carry over to the deadlift, squat, and other compound movements. On top of that, you’ll get a huge anabolic surge. 💥

Are you working on your strength training?! Share this video with your workout buddy to learn something new!

Are YOU up for the challenge?! 🫵 Bring a Friend Friday! We’re starting a new challenge called #BringAFriendFriday on Nov 18th to celebrate our community! It’s easy enough to do - just bring your friend or mom, neighbor, your monkey’s uncle to any class for your chance to win a TRAIN MATTHEWS t-shirt! Like and share this video with your friend you’re going to bring! 🙌 ...

HEY MATTHEWS, NC! We’re your local gym here to remind you that reaching your health goals doesn’t mean you have to be extreme - BUT! You have to keep moving, showing up, and staying focused on your goals consistently for at least 6 months to see results. LIKE AND SAVE this video for more fitness advice from your local Train Matthews gym! ...

Did you know these three BIG reasons why you should start weightlifting in your daily workout routine?! Share this video with your workout partner! Here’s why you want to start a new weightlifting routine👇

💪 Stronger bones and joints! Strength training builds more than just muscles according to Havard Health. Countless studies have shown strength training can play a role in slowing bone loss, and several show it can even BUILD bone. You can celebrate because it means it will help you offset age-related declines in bone mass - Avoid those knee and hip replacements! Activities that put stress on bones can nudge bone-forming cells into action. That stress comes from the tugging and pushing on bones occur during strength training. The result is stronger, denser bones.

🩸 Cleaner Blood? Crazy right?! If you’re worried about cholesterol levels, weightlifting can produce results of significant decreases in blood cholesterol levels!

♥️ Heart Health! Did you know one of the top reasons for the world’s strokes is due to inactivity? A meta-analysis of a whopping 23 studies concluded that the risk reduction in adults who practiced regular physical exercise was as high as 27 percent. Yikes! It seems simple, but intentionally finding a daily exercise routine can transform your health. If you need help with a workout - we are here for you with our coach-led workout classes!

Our coaches want to walk alongside you to help you reach your health goals. We’re ready for you when you are! 🏋🏼

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT 📢 Because everyone always needs a reason to celebrate! You have reason to celebrate with us today with our official announcement of our in-house social media and client coordinator, Catherine Baucom!

Catherine has been a Train Matthews athlete going on almost FIVE years. With over fifteen years of marketing and customer service experience, she is thrilled to flex her muscles by pouring into our community with love, encouragement, and TM events! However, she might still need your help grasping the workouts written out on the whiteboard... plainly... every day. 🤪

Share this post to help us congratulate her! We can't for her to start!

Psssst… Never skip Mondays 🫵 See you at work #excusesreduced #fitnessproduced #trainmatthews ...

It’s not where you’re going, it’s how you get there 🤸🏻‍♀️ See you at work! #journeysproduced #fitnessproduced #trainmatthews ...

We’re looking for 5 busy folks who want to create consistency with friends in the next 30 days. DM us!! 🚂💨 ...

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